British photographer based in the North East of Scotland.


It is the sense
of things that we must include
because we do not understand them…
and so the wood
advances before the evening takes it –
tense in a light like water,
as if (on extended fingers)
supporting the cool immensity…

From The Impalpabilities, Charles Tomlinson


About the Work

‘The Inner Shore’ is a collection of work taken around the coastline of Scotland.  I grew up by the sea and it has never lost its power over me.

We dream of flying, children believe that they can. The series ‘Flight’ represents freedom, escape, life without boundaries – exhilarating and terrifying.

‘I Am Not Myself’ explores the notion of self.  Nothing stays the same.  Our moods, our thoughts, our emotions are mutable. In Jung’s theory of the self as one of several archetypes he believed that wholeness occurs through a process known as individuation, in which the various aspects of personality are integrated.

‘Photographing Sound’ is inspired by my interest in synaesthesia  (a joining together of sensations that are normally experienced separately) and also by wanting to see if it is possible to realise visually the sounds which surround us every day.

‘In A Light Like Water’ and ‘Existence Is Elsewhere’ allow me to dig into my imaginative reality and make images which offer a glimpse behind the everyday into something other, things unseen but felt. Nothing to do with appearance and everything to do with essence. The magic realism which is there if we can be open to it. How things are to me.

‘Story of the River’ is a quote from a Sharon Olds poem ‘For My Daughter’ – “…as when you learned to read/ you would go off and read in your room/ as I read in mine, versions of the story/ that changes in the telling, the story of the river.”

 ‘Wet Plate Work’ and ‘Lumen Prints’  exist because I enjoy the hands-on aspect of these forms of photography, making images rather than taking them.